Photos on the Fuze+

I don’t know how many folks have noticed it yet, but the Fuze+ has a cool capability that hasn’t been mentioned here.

Thus far, it’s the first Sansa with the ability to resize and display unmodified photos on the screen, direct from a digital camera.  No conversion required.

To try this, all you need is an SD card adaptor and a microSD card.  Load the adaptor / microSD card in your digital camera, take some photos, and load the microSD card into the Fuze+.  If you have a camera that uses microSD cards, you can skip the adaptor of course.

In the Photos mode, you will see the new photos listed as a group.  On my current menu, I have a “100NIKON” folder displayed with the current date.   How cool is that!  The microSD card can also be navigated via the main menu, in the card menu section.

If you are on-the-go, and use the combination of microSD card and SD adaptor, the Fuze+ is a handy photo viewer.  Most digital cameras are battery hogs; after a day of shooting, during vacation or travel, it’s nice to use the Fuze+ as a viewer.  Hey, it plays music better than the camera can, come to think of it.  You can enjoy both your photos, and music, at the same time.

Just for fun, I snapped a set of photos in 8- and 12-MP modes.  All of the photos display on the Sansa nicely; the jpeg files are automatically sized on the screen.  No Sansa Media Converter required.

The trick works well enough that it isn’ta bad idea to use a microSD adaptor in the little Nikon, so I have portable snapshots.  They sure are easier to carry around than the Hasselblad’s A12 film backs are.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: