Photos on phone are unsorted

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 –  took 3 photos today… want to put them on flash drive and d/l to computer.  Connect to flash drive, click on “Phone Gallery”, select the folder with the pics:  “Camera” (has 278 pics)… the pics I took today are somewhere in there?  I have my phone sort pics “Newest Descending” so that the newest pics are at the top of the list/display.  SanDisk Flash Drive puts them all higgelty-piggelty…  NO logic to the display…  So, the first pic displayed is from 11/12/2013, a few more from that time period, then pics from 6/12/2013, one from a couple of days ago, one of todays, then pics from July, etc. etc… the 3 new ones from today are 9/10’s of the way to the end, and all three are there, even though one of them is displayed on the first screenful of pics!!

Also, hitting the “Back” button while viewing a pic does not take to back to the sub-dir with all the pics (“Camera”, in this case), but back to the screen that lists ALL the picture sub-dirs on my SC card.

Frustrating, to say the least…  NO pop-up menu when viewing a pic that allows any manipulation of the data (delete, sort, etc. etc.)…  Blech.  It’s faster to e-mail the pics to myself from the phone and save them from the e-mail attachements!!  Blech.