Photos deleted from Extreme card

I had a weird experience recently. I had close to 600 images (JPEG and NEF) on a 8GB Extreme card. I attached my Nikon 200D to my PowerBook Mac to download the photos. I saw the icon on my desktop and peaked inside to see a list of photos. When I tried to import to iPhoto 11 nothing imported. In fact when I went back to look in the desktop there was nothing there. The camera also said there were no images when I tried to view the images on the card. They were “gone”.

Ultimately I recovered greater than 90% of the images, as i had not overwritten the files using a combination of Graphic Converter and File Salvage. Interestingly, these programs recovered different sets of images. The images, about 110, recovered by File Salvage were not recovered by Graphic Converter and the images recovered by GC, about 550, were not recovered by File Salvage.

However, I am concerned about how this happened so that i can avoid the difficulty in the future. It was an anxiety producing situation. It is not clear that i inadvertently deleted the files. At least I have nevi n the past lost images in this manner.

The MacBook Pro is running OS 10.6.5 and iPhoto 11. I had no problem installing iPhoto 11 from iLife 11 as had been reported.

Is there a SanDisk recovery program? Has anyone experience with it?

Martin Weiss


Different recovery software have different recovery capabilities and “preferences” I would say(based on the file formats). So that why some can be recovered with File Salvage but not Graphic Converter Also there are many inferior file recovery software there which you have to be care.

In you case, as to recover deleted photos from your memory card on your Mac OS 10.5, suggest you have a try of this Mac photo recovery program called Photo Recovery for Mac produced by Wondershare, specially designed to recover lost images, videos and songs. Use the recovery mode “Deleted Recovery”, it should help.

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The difference might have occured due to the difference in the technologies that have been used in the two software. Though most photo recovery software for Mac and Windows usually use a similar method for recovery of images and other multimedia files, some turn out to be better and more efficient in recovering the entire data that has been lost or deleted. 

To recover deleted data from memory card you can try if you are going to recover FAT or NTFS data, but if you want to recover mac partitions you can try

There are some free software available u can search them on google but I do not believe in free software as it will end up messing my computer with virus and spywares and whether it recovers your data intact or not is not guaranteed there are chances that u end up loosing your precious data. So I look for cheap and good software. For recovery software, I bought one before called Kernel for Macintosh, good thing is that it’s one time payment and then it allows me to use forever. Take a look if you do not mind paying to get back your data, U can also download d trial version from iPhoto recovery Mac.Using trial version u can preview d data recovered but to save it u hav to purchase the software 

You can also try this recovery software:

Try Card Data Recovery. It  is professional Sandisk card data recovery program. It can help you recover photos, pictures, video from SD card, CF card,etc.

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I have succeed to recover deleted photos from SD card with Tenorshare Data Recovery.It can recover photos after deeply scanning your SD card to look for lost data you accidentally deleted or formatted.

Download it and scan your SD card for free to check out whether the deleted photos can be recovered.Luck!

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This happened to me last month, mine was corrupted.:womansad: 

Such situation does come across many users and they have successfully retrieved the entire lost images back but for that it needs to use proper recovery software. However you need to take care while you import or access or view images in the memory card as often due to little mistake we lose all of them. Deleted photos from any sort of storage device are able to be retrieved using Mac Photo Recovery Software since it features simple and fast scanning with entire images recovered back instantly.

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You can recover all your deleted photos from Nikon 200D that are stored as .nef format using good nef file recovery software.

You can download the software can recover all your deleted photos.

there are plenty of them on the Internet,  however personally i would recommend memory card recovery mac like utilities to you, this certainly is a great stuff. Once I had also a similar problem before, and I used it and beleive me its perfectly good.

One thing that I would appreciate of yours is that you din’t overwrote the sandisk card! Waltson1985 mentioned that correctly that different data or photo recovery tools have different capability and limit to which they can gather the deleted files from a card, some are potent and some are not. Stellar Photo recovery is one such potent recovery software that recovers photos from all kinds of storage devices including a sandisk card as well. Therefore, I would suggest you to use this.

I mistakenly deleted my photos last week. I got a photo recovery software to  get back them. You can try it from here:

I have had the similar problem as you mentioned, then when fixing this problem, I wrote an article on how to undelete photos. you can refer to this article and fix your problem.