Photos appear replicated inside the card Extreme Pro 16GB


I’m reporting a strange issue that happened to me 2 times already!

Can someone explain me how is possible to get replicated photos inside the card? It doesn’t happen to all the photos, it’s just a random number of files in the card that are replicated. The files have exactly the same name, size, date, etc.

The worst part is that these replicated files replace some original files… see how it jumps from file AAA_1460 to AAA_1513. You can confirm the facts in this print screen:

During the shooting everything seems fine when I check the photos with the camera, but when I copy the card files to the PC, I face the same problem again…

Booth times, the card was always formated before use!

My camera is a Nikon D700 (with the lasted firmware) and the card is a San Disk CF ExtremePro 16GB (worked well for 1 year).

I have other San Disk cards that work fine in my camera, but I prefer this 16GB one!

Does this issue have been reported before?

Thanks for all the help!