photos and musics

hi everybody

my sansa is formated and all information lost.

I very like some photos,musics provided by the manufactured.

somebody help me load them again.

Thanks so much

Why would you want the sample songs & photos SanDisk puts on the players, just so you have ‘something’ to listen to when you take it out of the box? It’s the same with the el-cheapo earbuds. They know they’re crap (so are the sample songs & pictures), but they’ve got to include them for that ‘instant-gratification’ we all want. Imagine Christmas morning & you’re opening all your presents and you discover this awesome little mp3 player. The absolute first thing you want to do is turn it on, plug in the earbuds and listen to something . . . anything . . . it doesn’t matter what it is; you just gotta play with your new toy!

I would say probably 99 1/2% of these get deleted to make room for people’s better choices of music & personal photos. Just as most of the SanDisk-supplied earbuds get tossed in a draweror left in the box for back-ups and people buy better fitting and sounding ones to actually use. If you’re in the other 1/2% that actually wanted to keep these free little jewels, you probably should have copied them to your hard drive, insuring back-ups in case of disaster (formatting).

There’s no way I know of to get them back, short of somone with the same model player making you a copy and/or e-mailing them to you, provided of course they aren’t in that 99 1/2% that deleted them as quickly as they could. :wink:

Add me to the list that deleted that stuff and set the stock buds aside:wink:

I could probably dig all that up if you really wanted them, as I did make a backup and could probably email it to you.  But I literally saved 2 of the songs, if there was anything on there you liked, why not just download it again somewhere else? 

I’m looking for some of the sample music as well. Deleted it by mistake.

I don’t know where to find the tracks, but here is a complete listing of all the 19 tracks that came with my Fuze, so maybe you can search for then.

Accidently deleted photos, then don’t panic. You can recover your lost photos and music by using Amrev recover tool. It works on your photos as well as on audio and video files also. So, take a try with its demo version.