Photo Zoom?

I just got a new Fuze and I’m very happy with it, except for one thing.  I don’t seem to able to find any kind of zoom for the photo viewing.  I realize that the emphasis is on audio with the fuze, but having such a tiny screen, I guess I expected there to be a zoom.  Am I missing something?  I really like this thing, but why bother with pictures at all if you can’t see them…

I guess you could carry a large magnifing glass around with you…   Anyway, if there is no zoom function, is there any possibility of one in a future firmware update?  That would make this thing just about perfect.  Any info. on this subject would be appreciated.


Sorry, unlike the Mazda TV commercials, there’s no “_ Zoom, Zoom! _” :cry: I agree these players have a miniscule screen for viewing photos & even worse for videos. But people do it.

The way I look at it, is that these are 1st & foremost music players. The photo & video capabilities are just “bells & whistles”. The FM radio feature is nice I guess, although I rarely use it. Why would I want to listen to commercials on the radio when I’ve got multiple DAYS worth of music loaded on the unit already that I can listen to?

Now, AM radio would be nice for “talk” radio programs, news, weather & traffic reports and the like, but that’s a bit harder to accomplish as it would require an on-board coiled antenna for AM reception where as the FM antenna is incorporated into the earphone wires. The AM antenna would not only increase the size, but also the weight of the device.

As far as adding this in a future firmware update, I wouldn’t hold my breath. One, I don’t know that it’s possible (greater minds than mine would have to take that on), as you would also need to add a way to navigate up, down, left & right in the zoomed image. Two, this is the first time I’ve heard this request, so it’s probably not high on the firmware priority list.

It probably won’t help, but you might make this request in the Product Feature Suggestion board of this forum (down at the bottom of the main page).