Photo Zoom for Fuze

How about a Photo Zoom for the Fuze in the next firmware.  Considering the size of it’s screen, I was shocked to find that it doesn’t have one…its really a necessity!  My digital camera has the same size screen and the zoom on it makes the difference between being able to see someone’s face clearly and not.   Aside from music, the most important feature of an mp3 player to me is being able to show pictures on it.  Had I known that it didn’t have a zoom I’m sure I would have passed on it.  Sadly, as nice as it sounds, I’m probably going to return it because of this issue.  Oh well…

I agree completely.  In fact I only found this forum by searching for “sansa fuze picture zoom”  Please address this issue.  Ohterwise thanks for the your efforts.

While a photo zoom would be nice, this is an mp3 player, not a digital camera. I haven’t heard of other mp3 players having a photo zoom. Since the screen is so low resolution and photo size can be very small, one could crop the photo on their pc, and store cropped versions as well on the player. I would prefer more audio functions on the player than having more photo or video functions.

but do you notice that the pixel of the screen not good enough. ( I can see the pixel clearly)

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I would really appreciate this feature as well.