Photo problems!!!! ^o^

Aahhhhh!!! I keep trying to put pictures on my sansa, but I think it must be trying to fill up the whole screen because whenever the picture’s long or wide or something, it chops off the tops and bottoms or the sides!!!  :'(   How do I get the whole picture on?

you can use the sansa media converter.  it has a feature called “auto-fit”.  this will make sure that whole screen is occupied by the picture.

That’s what I used, but because some pictures were taller than they were wide, it made the pics wide enough to fill up the screen, but it chopped off the tops and bottoms! V.V  How can I fix it so that I get the whole picture? 

You can transfer the photo without the automatic cropping.  Though black borders on two sides will result, the photo will display “widescreen”.

Bob  :wink:

Yes! That’s what I want! :D  How do you do you get rid of the cropping?

There’s a button in the sansa media converter that says “Best Fit” this will crop the photo so that the image will take the whole screen…


if you want the photos to take the whole screen without croping,  you may want to use the rotate command… if this doesn’t work for you, you will have to manually edit the photos and stretch it to the aspect ration that you need.

Okay, I’ll try that! Thanks for the help!!  ^-^  :smiley: