Sandisk sorts by way of d** ate modified**.

This is not helpful to me.

If I have thousnads of photos on my pc, and revisit and edit them, and then put them on the sandisk, they would be all over the place!

If photos where sorted by date taken all photos would be in order. 

And also as I understand (I am probably wrong) you can not change batches of photo’s modified date on a windows pc without extra software, whereas date taken can easily be changed.

What do others think?  Which way is best for sorting photos?

My previous statement maybe wrong. I should have asked does Sandisk iXpand sort by way of d** ate modified?**

Or do you get a choice of date taken, name, folder etc?

Im talking about photographs.

Thanks for any help.

If I use the camera roll sync the app sorts the files by date taken.