PHOTO Conversion: Non-Operational Crop Tool With the Fuze?

I have been working with Sansa Media Converter build 4.236, the new InterVideo version.

Working both with the e200 series and the new Fuze, I have found that the SMC drops the crop’s drag and drop function.  That sounds like Dr. Seuss, doesn’t it?

If a photo is selected, with the e280v2 active, I can select the crop tool, and either move the default crop window to a desired area, or mouse over the edges to resize the crop.  Click the “apply” button, and Bob’s your uncle!

If, however, the Fuze is active, clicking the crop tool is simply a zoom function in use, as the crop window is locked centered.  This simply won’t do!  Anyone remember the zoom function on the old Zenith televisions, or was it RCA?

Please try this function on your Fuze, and post if this funkadelic behavior is simply a problem with my installation of the SMC.

Bob  :cry:

Message Edited by neutron_bob on 06-21-2008 07:30 AM