Phishing Quiz... are you good at determining real or fake sites?

Pretty Neat. I scored 9/10 on my first and only try.

got all 10, im a safty guru!!!

9/10, darn that amazon site. who the heck checks grammar! Lol…atleast now I know. What a nifty way to educate the public

8/10 i got the last 2 questions wrong… i guess i’m better with visuals…

I got 9/10

aww it only takes me to the McAfee site :frowning:

@peter_griffin wrote:
aww it only takes me to the McAfee site :frowning:

i thought im the only one…

crazy train

I found some of the quizzes on the main McAfee site.  They have Spam quiz and a Spyware quiz.  On the Spam quiz, you’re asked which sites do you think don’t sell your email address and give you spam (which means you basically have to wade through their privacy policies).  I got 7 out of 8 right, which for some reason they rate as “Tightrope Walker”.  I think one wrong answer should rate a little higher than THAT.

i get 0/10

is taht gud