People posting the same questions over and over

This forum is a mess because people are logging in here just to ask FAQ questions which have been covered countless times.

The moderators need to be DELETING such posts.

The purpose of this forum is to assist those with questions.  Mass deletions would only add to the frustration.  We also take into consideration the nature of posts and the number of entries from the individual posting them.

The forums are visited by individuals running across a very wide range of age, experience, and language.

The forum is designed to list postings by date, so that repetitive posts are automatically moved down the list.  As individuals return to the forum, they can find their individual replies by message title or by using the “bookmark” or “subscribe” options.

What might appear repetitive or mundane to you may be very important to the individual, and we must respect that.

If you make use of the search box, you will notice that it filters out posts by relevance automatically, pressing the individual posts farther down the list.