Pentax Optio 50


I own a Pentax (Richo) Optio 50. This is a rather old photo device from year 2006. the documentation says that this device supports SD card up to 512  MBytes. Obviously the documentation does not tell me if this device support SDHC flash card, because, of course, in 2006 we had only SD card and no SDHC.

I have 2 questions. 

Does my Optio 50 support SDHC flash card ?

Does my Optio 50 support SD/SDHC flash card with a size greater than 512 MB ? I guess that the exceed space is not used by the device, only from 0 to 512, whatever the overall capacity (16, 32 GB, etc.)

I’ll ask Pentax/Richo, too. But I ask here, juste is case someone else has a similar issue… fixed.

Thank you for any comment.