PC Won't Recognize Fuze

I have an 8 Gb Fuze which I purchased a couple weeks ago.  I added about 700 songs to it and have listened to the Fuze a number of times.  Now all of a sudden the PC will not recognize the Fuze.  I did not change any settings.  However, after reading other posts, I have tried all the various USB selections and even reformatted the Fuze and the PC will not recognize the Fuze.  Any ideas anyone?  I appreciate your help!

Sorry you formatted, You schould check your PC Settings There may be an issue with your USB Drivers. What Operating System are you using? What service pack? You can check this by going to my computer right clicking on any empty area and going down to properties. Once you have that information check your drivers. Plug your fuze in and go to your control pannel, and then go to system and device manager and scroll thru this page and see if there is anything with a yellow triangle kinda like a caution sign. if you see this on a usb port you need to upgrade your USB Drivers. just an FYI XP’s newest Service Pack is 3, Vista is still Service Pack 1.

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Thank you.  I’m using Vista Service Pack 1.  The Fuze worked well for about four days; I connected to the PC with no problems and was easily able to copy songs and then listen to them.  Then, after about two days of non-use, I connected the Fuze to the PC and the PC no longer recognized it.  The only change I made to my PC in those two days was that I upgraded Norton Utilities to 2009…but I don’t see what that would have to do with the Fuze.