PC sees phone but not micros sdhc

Hi there, got a new phone (LG GW620) and bought a 4gb micro SDHC. Following in manual I wanted to transfer data from the PC to the phone: the PC (runs on windows XP, tried also the laptop which runs on Vista: same problem) sees the phone but not the card (no free memory). So, no transfer of files! Any hind for a solution?

Check the instructions for your phone. It may have a switchable USB mode like the Sansa mp3 players. My guess is you’d want MSC.

We have several variables here, looking at it.  First, I’d test that the microSD card is OK.  Is it a brand new card?  Check with your phone’s user guide, as well as checking LG’s web based help online (I hope they have support online!)  We need to know if the phone supports the microSDHC standard, as some devices will only support up to 2GB cards.

If you have a card reader, see if you can address the card, then transfer one file, a text file, anything that you can then re-read from the card, to see that read/write is OK.

Is it a SanDisk card?  I know that the card should be properly formatted new, but you never know.

On the telephone side of the equation, give us some information on how the phone is addressed and connected to your PC.  With the phone plugged in, open a Windows Explorer window (My Computer) and look for the device.  If it is listed under “devices with removable storage”, and is assigned a drive letter, then the phone speaks MSC (Mass Storage Class) mode like a flash drive.

If the phone is listed at the bottom of the window, under “Other”, it is being recognized as a media device, in MTP mode.

Let us know what you find on both fronts!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: