PC freezes when I connect my Fuze

I just got the 8gb fuze and was just trying to install the Firmware upgrade, which wasn’t working for me (I’ll get to this question when the next one is fixed!).  After repeated attempts, I figured maybe if I turned the Fuze off before disconnecting the USB cable, it would install the firmware update properly.  I did so, and now whenever I turn the Fuze on, it says “Not enough space for Music DB.  Please free 90MB.”  But now, when I connect the Fuze to my PC, my PC freezes and remains so until I disconnect the device.

I can’t use my Fuze at all now, is there any way I can fix it?  Please help!

Couple of things to check out…

first How much ram in your computer? Shouldnt be a huge deal but I know that the upgrade process uses a decent amount.                                            Second Check your device manager, Try updating or rolling back your USB Drivers. There could be a compatablilty issue.

Next Reset your fuze. Slide the power button up and hold it for 15-20 seconds. 

fourth Try another computer… If you can get on another pc and hook your fuze up you can manually access the files on it… assuming it doesnt freeze too… 

If you get to the files manually try to find the firmwire and see if it is the updated version. 

Last If you can access your fuze on another PC follow the exact steps on how to upgrade in the manual and upgrade the firmwire.

Beyond that I dont know