PC cannot see clip and won't charge - please help

Can anyone out there please help me.  I have a 4Gb clip which has worked perfectly for 6 months or so.  The other night, I noticed battery was quite low so I plugged it into PC via USB.  The clip shows “Connected” but the battery indicator doesn’t move up and down and the PC doesn’t “see” the device.  I tried a different USB cable and port and different PC but I get the same results everytime, i.e. it won’t charge or be recognised!  There’s now no charge at all left on the Clip.  After reading on here, I tried moving the power slide up for 10 seconds but that didn’t do anything.  As the PC cannot see the Clip, I can’t see how to update firmware either!
Can anyone help me get it working again?



I only have a USB charger by the way.

Updating firmware seems to be a favorite fix for anything that’s wrong. Unless the current firmware somehow got corrupted it isn’t going to fix your problem. Of course it’s a good idea to use latest firmware, just doesn’t sound too relevant to this problem.

Could be a connector problem, and since you’ve changed both cable and usb source it would have to be the power connection but more likely it’s either the battery charge control circuitry or battery connection.

In either case I would contact Sansa since it’s still under warranty. If it were not and if like some others in this forum you’re a brave soul willing to risk all, prying the case apart might be in order since these things aren’t worth the cost of a repair.

As far as the charger is concerned, I have both a wall charger and auto charger. Those, together with a case was sold for $4 when bundled with the clip. Not sure if they sell that package separately but others do. 

The wall charger will charge my GPS which is handy. I did plug the GPS auto charger into the clip and the clip didn’t complain (or burn up). They are the same voltage.

thanks dave61430.  ive just checked and i actually bought in from amazon (UK) at the beginning of august 2008 so i guess im going to have to get the drill out.  thanks anyway.