PAUSE button/feature not working on long MP3 track after idle

I was listening to a long playing mp3 track (hr:mm:sec) 1:20:02 on the new SANSA and using the pause feature throughout the track.

I noticed while on pause the player turned off which is fine but when I turned it back on and powered it up, pressed play then pause again it just cycled the pause/play icon. There was a slight interruption, but the track keeps playing and pause fails to work.

I restarted the track and pause works again around the same part 3/4 into the track.

SANSA Clip Zip latest Firmware V01.01.17P

track is on internal memory using 104.19Mb

This happens on my Clip+ too, very rarely.

I think it’s a known issue, not sure.

What I do is just turn the player off then on, and it goes away.

Make sure to let the player boot completely before pressing the pause/play button.

I’m having this problem with two new Clips, one a Clip+ and the other a Clip Zip.

I only use mine for OverDrive and Audible audiobooks, and I’m pretty sure I’ve encountered it on WMA and .AA files also.

It appears to be a “feature” of newer ROMs. I’ve used several older Clips and never had the problem.

I’m having the same problem! This is the second sandisk I’ve gotten with the same problem – current one is a clip zip, first one I had for a couple years before it started acting up.  This new clip zip is just a month old!  Other issues this new one is having…stopped being recognized by my computer.  I think that’s related to the fact that it’s stopped powering up all the way…rebooted it several times but after sometimes working, it stops again.  I guess this one is going back to the store – not sure if I’ll try another sandisk or something else.


  1. Please don’t re-open a 2 year-old thread. Start your own.
  2. If you feel it’s defective and it’s that new, by all means return to to where you purchased it or contact SanDisk directly about a warranty replacement.