I cracked my screen(Just the housing, the plastic, screen is fine) and of course Sandisk refused to cover it because warranty doesn’t cover that.  My question is, will sandisk provide me with a new casing if I pay them?  If not, does anyone have one I could buy.  Again, this is just the front cover, not the screen.

Message Edited by retrospekt on 08-14-2007 01:01 AM

Your best option is eBay, and find one there that is broken, but OK on the outside.

Yeh, sandisk probably won’t replace it because it wasn’t part of normal use. SnaDisk won’t, but there are plenty of spare parts around. Just like e280r said, ebay is good…

I am just a little confused with the “just the front cover, not the screen.” part. Isn’t the front cover part of the screen or vice versa?