partition a CLIP, install Linux (and GRUB) on it, and boot from it.

Hello all,

I would like check few issues before I purchase
a Sandisk Sansa Clip mp3 player.

I would like to format it and create 2 partitions:
one partition: FAT32 or whatever the player needs to read music from .
a second partition: ext2 to install Linux on.
And then install a bootloader (I plan on GRUB),
so I could boot from the player, and run Linux .

I want to know if anybody had tried it,
and if it works ?

Does the player still work after I took some Gigs from it
and assign them as a linux partition ?

Does the player remain a player after installing GRUB on its MBR ?

And if I screw up everything, can I still format everything,
return to the beginning, and have my original MP3 player again ?

thanks in advance,


I don’t think what you want to do is possible.

The Clip is basicaly USB stick with MP3 player;

I wouldn’t know about two partitions but you can load Windows or whatever on it and boot from it (like from USB stick).

This is interesting actually. Would the clip still work if I was to tamper with the partition table on it and the files in its root folder? I’ve noticed some SYS files which I’m reluctant to erase without knowing what are they there for. MTABLE.SYS is probably the music database that contains the ID tags of each song SYS_CONF.SYS might be the settings (mixer, language, etc), but what about DID.bin or RES_INFO.SYS and version.sdk…

If I was to make changes to the partition and screw it up somehow, would I still be able to get to the Format option in the player’s menu and restore it into a working state again?

Doesn’t seem very cost effective. Just get a cheap thumbdrive to use as your Linux drive and save the higher-cost-per-gig memory in your Clip for music. The only benefit of using your Clip as a boot drive is the minor convenience of not carrying a (very small) second device.