*PANIC* Stkov dircache" error

I am getting a “*PANIC* Stkov dircache” error on Sansa Fuze V2 in Ubuntu. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling rockbox, but it seems to have made matters worse, because now I cannot even access the original firmware. Does anyone know how to solve this problem or at least start from scratch from the original firmware? Thank you.

Go to the firmware update thread near the top of the page and download the All Regions software for your hardware version.

Unzip it and drag FuzeA.bin onto the Sansa root directory.

That should install the original firmware and get rid of the Rockbox mess.

If you need to force a connection, turn the unit Off, push the power switch down to click into  Hold, connect USB to computer, hold down << side of the wheel and connect the Fuze connector.

And if this doesn’t work, try going to the rockbox.org forums, where a lot of people can help.