Overwrite tracks

I have my music on CDs.  There are no names just track1, track2  etc.  How do I add songs with the same track numbers as the ones already in my sansa clip zip?

Thank you for your help.

When you rip CD’s with any program these days and your computer is connected to the internet, that program will search an on-line database and create and fille in the ID3 tags for those tracks. That way your Clip Zip (and any mp3 player for that matter) will display the Artist, Album Track Name (Title) and # instead of just Track 1, Track 2, etc.

Thank you.

Another note on the ID3 tags that will be created. Depending on the database used by the particular program you use to rip the CD’s, the information may not always be 100% correct. I’ve found entire CD’s having every track listed as those from a entirey different CD. Fortunately, such obvious and gross errors are rare.

But I do suggest downloading the free MP3Tag program and check each tag for the proper format that your player is looking for (ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1), clear out anything in the Comments field and check for mis-spellings or other irregularites that may be present in the tags. Most of this can be done en masse, in other words you can do it an album at a time (or more). Of course, spelling errors, etc. will have to be corrected on an individual basis.

Thak you for your help.

MP3tag can be used to look up and fill in tags where they are missing or incorrect.

Thank you all,  You have been very helful.