Overloaded battery?

I got my sansa clip 2gb fm black from september, but i dunno that my warrenty is still active, can’t remember though. anyway, the thing is that I was charging the battery for night, and I forget to unplug it from day. so I was charging it all day and night. the next day, when I wanted to use the player, the clip just turned on, and fall sleep. now it don’t even turns on, and computer don’t see it plugged. I don’t know what to do, if my warranty is still active, can I replace? is it for free? if is not active, what should I do? I don’t have any repair services around.


The dead mp3 player user.

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Try a reset:  on switch held uppermost for 15-20 seconds, or more.

The warranty is a year, and SanDisk will replace a defective player (and in the U.S., even cover the postage).

Good luck!

I had made resets. It worked for about 1 second, and the player goes for sleep again. Now the resets don’t woke up my player. I had energy issues early on, like: when I turned off the player, my ring button still was on light, or second issue: sometimes my actually played song volumes drop, and I had to press +1 volume and then -1.
What if my warrenty isn’t active? Sansa Clip is a SMD type of device? (SMD is from electronic word, semi micro device?)

You don’t need to do anything to have an active warranty–it is active automatically when you buy your Clip.

I would telephone SanDisk Customer Service about this–you also might need a warranty replacement (which SanDisk is good about).  In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information:  http://www.sandisk.com/sandisk-support/contact-us.

y, Hm, okay, I’ll try. But I got problem that now rise: I’ve lost my clip (not the sansa clip mp3 player, just a clip). ;0. can I send it to them without it ?
my warranty isn’t active, because it’s 1 year. I’ve bought in september 2007. I’ve contacted the customer service live chat. The error appears when (either Linux Ubunt and Win XP) Lock+Center hold while plugin into usb:
“Not enough free space for Music DB. Please free 30 MB.” that means that I need more space for database (the more songs>the bigger database) (that guy that said). So I need to format my player, but the Linux and Win XP doesn’t see it. On XP it’s “Unknown Device”. I tried the Lock + Center button pugin into usb, didn’t work. It’s for thrash now I think. I sell it on ebay-alike as damaged. What else can I do? :S. Is it possible to format it in another way? How to make hard reset?

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By any chance, do you have a wall USB charger that you can use to try to power up your Clip with?  Then, once it is charged, you can reformat under the Clip’s Settings (the format option). 

no, I don’t have. I’ll try anyway.

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