Overdrive (public library)

Has anyone used the Jam with Overdrive? I want to make sure I can load library books on it.

The Jam is a MSC-only player. MTP mode I believe is required for audio books you ‘borrow’ from the library using Overdrive to download them, so I don’t think the Jam is the right player for you if that’s what your main purpose for it is. Try and find a Clip+ or Zip instead.

From the Clip Jam Support Information page:

NOTE: Clip Sport/Jam supports audiobooks obtained from Audible and DRM free Audiobooks only.

That is what I expected, but in fact I have been able to use Overdrive to download library books to my Jam. (Librivox books, obviously, are also compatible with the Jam)


I had a clip plus and loved it for Overdrive books. Now I have this darn Jam and I keep having problems. It refuses to resume where I left off. It won’t put books in the audiobooks folder and it doesn’t show some books on the player that do show up in the file menu when it’s attached to my computer. What did you do to get it to play Overdrive books? Any other suggestions. At this point i hate this thing and wonder why they mess with success!


to get my library audiobooks on to the Jam I did the following.

  1. downloaded files to computer using overdrive.

  2. found downloaded folder of mp3’s in file system (I use linux but should be similar in other systems) entitled with the book title.

  3. copied the folder into the Jam audiobook folder.

  4. played books nicley and in order. No issues losing place.

hope this helps.


I found Philo’s solution via Google search.  I just want to thank him for posting this simple and elegant work around for a problem for which solutions seem to be few and far between.  This worked beautifully for me.  Thank you Philo for taking the time to share your expertise with us!

Thanks so much, Philo!  I have been frustrated for 24 hours because OverDrive can’t find the ClipJam.  Your suggestion worked perfectly!