Overdrive micro card problems...

I have several micro cards filled with books downloaded from my public library using their software, Overdrive.  The Fuze I have been using for years is now failing (power switch shot) so I just ordered a Clip+ thinking I would just use the micro cards from the Fuze in the Clip+. No luck, I get a message “synchronize to continue your music subscription”  each time I call up a book title using the card used with the Fuze.  I think I know what is happening, the vender does not want to allow books to be copied onto multiple devices and I really just want someone to confirm this. If I’m wrong and there is a fix, I’d sure appreciate hearing about it so I don’t have to redownload the same titles on new a micro card just for the Clip+.  Thanks for any advice.

Yes, each book will only work on the device it was originally synced to. You cannot move them between devices.

Thanks Saratoga: Appreciate confirming. Not a big deal, but would have been nice to just switch between the old, worn out Sansa and new Clip. I can see where vendor doesn’t take kindly to easily sharing though.