Overall opinion of the Shaker

Just curious what the overall opinion of the Sansa Shaker is. A friend of mine wants to get 2 of them,one for her 8 year old Son,and one for her 6 year old Daughter. How do they hold up to kids that are out playing,running around, beating on each other and so on. They are fairly active kids. So I’m sure they’d want to take their MP3 players with them for walks,or whatever.

I read some thing about protected music? How can you tell what is protected? I personally use a program called “Riptastic” to rip cd’s to MP3. And since I’d be the one doing the music for these two, I want to make it fairly easy. Can MP3’s from Limewire be used?   I did read a review where someone would just burn downloaded music to a cd,then rip it back to mp3 and load it to the shaker. Only reason I ask about copied music, I have alot of friends with kids in the same age range, so there would be a good chance of sharing music among them,copying each other’s cds.

My main concerns are how well do these hold up to “Kid” abuse? I come from the generation where Tonka trucks were still made of Steel, and our toys lasted a long time.

 And is it a real pain to load music,without having to buy every version of “Kids Choice” or whatever.

Well i know my Kid sister has one.
its been droped and moved more then its fair share.

its all drag and drop like moving files to a memory card (well it is , since the shaker doubles as a card reader)
i got her a few cards a gig stick and a two gig stick both are loaded.

I gave her some of my mp3’s i got from musicmatch jukebox , she uses windows media player and some other program to get
her songs. All see to work just fine.

the little speaker in it makes me eve tempted to get one.

My overall opinions of this device are positive so far.  My 7 year old daughter seems to love it, too.  It’s as easy as drag/drop the songs to the Shaker, and I’d say it’s pretty durable & meant to be so since the purpose is to shake it to change the songs.  Durability would seem inherent in the design.  As for design, it’s easy for the child to operate as well, and frankly, the price (we got it for $27 on Amazon.com 02/08) is hard to beat considering the functionality & features.  I recently bought MP3s and WMAs from Walmart.com.  The MP3s played just fine on the Shaker.

mp3s should be fine