Output to Car Stereo (Honda Element)

Any ideas on getting output to a car system?  My Honda Element has an auxilliary jack (stereo mini jack). I have a male mini to mini cord, but no sound to the car system. I did a forum search and couldn’t find anything, so I apologize if this has been covered somewhere before.



you need a cable that looks like this

Plugs one end tot he honda, one end to the headphone jack of the player. This works in my friends car, a yaris.

That’s the thing,I have the male mini to mini cord, but no sound out to the car stereo. It worked with a different MP3 player.  


verify the clip is playing with your headphones first, then plug it in? I cant imagine whats stopping it from working, its a fairly simple process with not much room for error.

I suppose the clip could have a reason for not working like this; although I doubt it.

Enigma,it’s playing fine through the headphones. That’s what’s got me baffled. The cord is good and the player plays through the headphones, but not to the Element stereo.

Thanks Again,David

make sure the clip’s volume is maxed

On my car Stereo I have to set it to aux. In other words not a FM or AM station but the radio has a push button for Auxillary or something like that.


Just checked- My radio has aa button that says DISC.AUX. I have have the radio set to that.


Let’s try some basic troubleshooting to try and isolate the problem. Do the following in order and let us know the results of each step.

  1. Play the Clip with your headphones. Does that work? If so, we know the Clip’s OK and your headphones are OK.

  2. Play the Clip connected to your car stereo via the Aux jack. Make sure the stereo is set to AUX INPUT. Make sure the cable is plugged all the way into both jacks. Does that work? If not, then the problem is either the cable or the car stereo. We need to find out which one.

  3. Play the Clip connected to your car stereo with a different cable. Does that work? If so, then you’re gold. If not, then we keep testing.

  4. Do you have a home stereo with an AUX INPUT? If you do, then hook the Clip up to that using the cable you used in Step 2. Does that work? If so, then you now know the cable’s good.

Maybe there’s something wrong with the AUX jack in your car stereo. When was the last time you played a device successfully through the AUX?

I hope we can get this cleared up for you. I use my Clip in my car all the time through it’s AUX INPUT. I love it.

Thanks to everyone for the feed back. It turns out the simplest suggestion was the correct one. The volume on the clip has to be nearly maxed out. At 50% volume, it is inaudible on the car stereo (if the car stereo is at normal volume setting for cd, fm, xm, etc). Now I just have to remember to turn down the clip when removing it from the car so I don’t blow out my eardrums using the headphones.

Thanks again to everyone.