Out of Memory at Line 1

When I turned on my computer this morning, (it was in sleep and not fully powered down), I received the following message on the screen:

“Out of Memory at Line 1”

I clicked on OK, then another blank windows popped up with a title “Sciprt Error”.

There was no other indication of where these windows came from, but I was able to track them to the SanDisk SSD Dashboard program.

This problem occurred on my Windows 7 machine (64-bit) with 32GB of RAM.

The version of the SSD Dashboard was 1.0.1

Was the SSD Dashboard open at the performance monitor chart?

Yes, the Dashboard was open at the performance chart.  The “Out of memory at line: 1” problem occurred again today; and the Dashboard was again open at the performance chart.

We have found an issue with the performance chart memory usage. 

We should have a fix in the next revision of the Dashboard.