Other players like Express?

I really want to like the Express, but the user interface is hard to use – it randomizes poorly, loses where I am if I go listen to FM, sometimes partly resets itself and loses FM presets, cannot charge and play music at the same time, menu button sometimes causes accidental power-off, navigation is unintuitive, and so on.

Can anybody recommend other players like the Express?  I want a player with the built-in USB connector like the Express.  Extra bonus if it plays Ogg Vorbis format files.  Super extra bonus if you can put in a huge flash card (and not take forever to turn on).  So far I found the Iriver T7, Coby MP-305, Philips SA25, and Samsung U4/U5.  There’s also some cheapie on eBay but reviews I found suggest it is hard to use and breaks quickly, so forget that.  What else is out there?  Thanks.

Another annoying thing: on one of my computers, when I plug in to recharge the Express, it keeps bringing up file browser windows, even though I am not plugging and unplugging it.  And, the 2MB add-in flash (a SanDisk flash, I might add) looks to be corrupted, with a bunch of the file names having international/non-English characters.

Also, it sometimes gets in a mode where it won’t turn off and does not respond to buttons.  I got around that by plugging it in to USB while it was still on, but the Express certainly takes a great form factor and makes it difficult and annoying to use.

Any suggestions about something that’s like the Express, with a USB plug-in, but which works reliably and conveniently?