Other ideas for listening while charging??

Good morning all.

Back when I got my original sansa clip, I remember finding a post on the boards (would have been 2011 ish) that gave an easy, no-tricks-with-a-usb-cord method to listening to the clip while charging on a computer.

I remember only that it had to do with “ejecting” the drive somehow, sort of like “unmounting” with linux, only this worked with windows.  Unfortunately I cannot find that post when I search for it now, and I have no idea who made the post.

Does this ring any bells with any users who have maybe been on these forums for several years??

I use windows 7 and if i hold the large square middle button down while connecting the player, then it loads on the computer as removeable storage which is good, but then if I ‘eject’ the drive it just disappears rather than letting me listen to the player while it charges.

ALSO - no matter which mode I set the player to, the music folder on the clip appears empty when I connect it by using the square button in the middle.

Additionally, the method I described …I am almost certain that you could still move files around while using this method to charge/listen to the player, but maybe not. That part I don’t remember so well.

Just sliding the cord into the player a tiny bit works until you bump it at all and then it either disconnects altogether or connects fully and shuts off the music, so it’s not really viable for what I need.

Thank you in advance.

I need to correct one thing and I can’t find an option to edit my own post.

If I connect in MTP mod then the music files show up.

If I connect to the comp in MSC mode then they do not.

Ejecting is just a Windows thing. The player doesn’t even know that you’ve done it, so it won’t change anything on the device.

Its not possible to have a disk mounted in Windows in MSC mode and also accessible to play music from by the device.  MSC mode is exclusive.  MTP can in theory do this but I don’t think any sandisk players support it.

Music added in MTP mode can only be seen in MTP mode.  Also MSC can only see things added in MSC mode. 

If you want to charge and play, you either need an AC adapter or to install rockbox.  

@daft_chic wrote:

I need to correct one thing and I can’t find an option to edit my own post.


It’s in the Options  in the upper right-hand corner of the post. :wink:

The Edit option disappears pretty quickly after posting. No way to go back to something the next day.

Thanks for that :smileyvery-happy:

One possibility is to get a charge-only USB cable.  Or another option, of course, is just to use an AC wall USB adapter.