OS X 10.6 extra files

Hey all,

I just got a clip+ and am enjoying it however it looks like I am getting 0 size hidden file duplicates when I load songs from OS X.  I did a search and found some info for the problem on the clip side, but not the clip+.  I was hoping the firmware update would fix it but it seems not to. Any ideas.

It’s not the Clip+ doing it, it’s your Mac.

Do a search here; it’s well-documenrted & explained. Somewhere there’s a link to a couple of programs that will delete all these ‘ghost’ files. Otherwise, you have to do it one-at-a-time manually.

Thanks for the reply.  I was just hoping that my firmware update had not taken since it seems the problem went away on the clip with one of those updates.  Admins feel free to delete this thread.