Origins to my username

My dream car as a kid, I bought one for $2000 in 2002 in Germany. “Electric Red,” 1991, with 153,000 miles on it.
All leather, 10disc CD changer, sunroof, JBL 8speaker system, and 220hp. The most powerful Front Wheel Drive car available at the time.

The Autobahn was 3/4 mile away.  :wink:

And the “143mph top speed” is definitely legit. As long as traffic was light. :wink:

(Unfortunately I never did some standard maintenance and the engine was destroyed by a failed rod/crankshaft bearing at 172,000 miles on Autobahn A6 at ~100mph, May 2004. Too expensive to get an engine shipped from the states, so the car was scrapped…  :cry: )

Ford was thinking clearly when they went with the Yamaha-designed 5-valve per cylinder heads on that engine.  What a difference a little breathing makes.

I had a Merkur XR4Ti back in the 80s, made by Ford (Koln) AG, sold in Europe as the Sierra.  Wonderful wicked fast car.

Volkswagen /Audi currently run with 5-valve heads on several of their engines, including the favorite 1.8 liter turbo engine.  The concept works beautifully, but I see four valve designs winning recent favor.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Yay the SHO lives on!!!

Kinda pricey though.!.!