original 4g clip won't turn on when i put in an sd card

this is a totally new issue for me with my almost 2-yr old player. the player lights up but never completes turn on, then screen shuts off. if i hit the power button, the player seems to go through the same process again, through the flower icon, and then shuts off (but with no “goodbye”, as though it’s hanging). after reset, if there is no sd card, the turn-on is completed. do you think the sd card reader slot is shot? i’ve tried several cards, they are all 16g. thank you. ~laura

Could be . . . but you mght try manually re-installing the firmware if you haven’t already. Question though . . . you said in the Subject title that this is the “original” Clip. The original Clip did not have an SD card slot, so you must have a Clip+ or a Clip Zip. If you’ve had it 2 years, it could not be a Clip Sport, which came out long after that.

Once you determine which player you have, you can find the link to the appropriate f/w download file and manual installation instructions here.

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it’s a clip+ and your response saved me! after the firmware upgrade through my mac (which i was always afraid to do, how silly!), the player is now reading the sd cards again. ty ty ty ty ty … ~laura xoxoxooxoxox

Great! I never knew that a firmware upgrade can fix this issue.

Reapplying a firmware can fix software glitches–that and reformatting can fix odd issues.