Organizing Podcasts!?!

I subscribe to Ask a Ninja’s podcast on iTunes. I put them on my Fuze using the SMC software that  it came with. The trouble is, i want them under the “Podcast” folder, right now theyre all under the “Video” folder. Ive tried dragging them into the podcast folder in Windows Explorer,and it says they are there; but when i check on the Fuze, theyre not there. Ive noticed some threads about id3 tags, but couldnt find the FAQ page they were talking about. Help!

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I’m not sure. So when you take them out of the video folder to the podcast folder, they’re gone completely?  Maybe drag them out of the Fuze folder to your D drive and then back to the podcast folder? 

I think I just dragged and dropped mine from my D drive to my Fuze in the podcast folder.  Lately I’ve been using WMP10 because I’ve been putting them on my memory card and that’s the only way I can figure out how to do that.

If they are video podcasts they will only go in the video folder. If they are audio, just change the genre to podcasts. That always works for me.

No theyre video podcasts, but i want to put them under the “Podcast” folder.

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I understand, but you can’t put video podcasts in the podcast folder. They will only work in the video folder.