Organizing Music?

Is there any way to move folders around in in the player while connected to a PC?

I transfered some songs onto the player but for some reason some of the artists names are misspelled. So for example I have ZZ top, ZZ tops, ZZ top 17 , and so on under Artist.

Kind of lame. Why can’t I rename the files or move them into one folder? I tried it exploring with Windows and it will move the files but they don’t change in the player. You can’t seem to anything with music jukebox except import.

Your are assuming that the player organizes the files based on just file name. That is not the case, it organizes files by ID3 tag information. Do a search on id3 tag and youll find a few threads on this discussion already.

Hmm, thats funny because I’m the one who accidently spelled some of the names wrong.

Still why can’t you organize your music any way want? It shouldn’t be to difficult to alow us to move files on the player.

Don’t get me wrong I like this player more than I thought I would but I guess I’m just use to Creative.

I’ll search on id3. Thanks.

Ok I figured it out. You have to put the music into jukebox then edit the artist. Then drop it in player. Sweet.