Organizing music files on Fuze

Is there a way to sort ALL of my music files alphabetically? I have approx. 1500 mp3 files on my 8Gb Fuze that have been dragged and dropped at different intervals. I do not have any of the software loaded, as all of the music is my own, and as I burn songs to mp3, I just copy them over to the music folder. But they are not in continuous alphabetical order. I may have songs by Elvis in different groups. How do I get all the songs in continuous order by artists? Thanks in advance for any help.

When was the last time you updated your firmware?

Scroll down the Music listing and you’ll see Folders. That gives your listings alphabetical by filename–if you put all the songs in the same folder. 

If you don’t see Folders, upgrade to the x.x.26 firmware manually, as explained in a sticky note near the top of the Fuze page. 

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Are the files tagged? You should be able to just display by artist.