Organizing files?

Recently picked up a Clip Jam to replace my Clip+ that is finally giving up the ghost (battery life is getting progressively worse).

However, I have encountered a problem:  I have a number of lectures from The Great Courses on CD and have ripped all of them for easier access on an MP3 player.  They are in a rather clunky format of about 5 minute segments and lectures typically run around 30 minutes each, you typically end up with 180 to 216+ files depending on the exact number of lectures.  Organizing this on the Clip+ was no problem, a little work with MP3Tag to simply renumber them tracks 1 through however many (for example, 1 through 216 for a 36 lecture course) made them automatically fall into order when I transferred to my Clip+.  However, the Clip Jam appears to not read them this way and I end up with just a jumble of things.  I could construct a playlist to put them in order if push comes to shove but I’d rather not have to do that.  Any settings or workarounds I’m missing here?

Rather disappointing really, I just bought it without doing any research as it seemed comparable to the Clip+ (both in terms of price and function) and it simply doesn’t seem to measure up.  I can still get another Clip+ but went with this as the Clip+ has gotten much pricier since it was discontinued.


This works for the sport which usually the same chip so here goes.

Have found that if you get rid of the track #'s it will then list them in numberic alpha order.

If you are saving on the card sometimes you have to do a hard reset for them to shop up as above.