Ordering from Sandisk and customer support a joke...?

I have tried several times to order a zip player and a case from sandisks site.

The first time I did it, I was tired as hell and don’t remember what the hell happened. I THOUGHT the order went through but maybe it didn’t as my stuff was still in the shopping cart.

So, I call back after 4-5 days of no notification and talk to whoever answered. First, I had to repeat everything to him 2-3 times and finally after being on hold back and forth, spelling out all my details and so on, he gives me a case number which presumably means that he gave the next person my info.

Not so, I get so speak to a girl that again is asking me for all my info and between the way they speak and the way I do, it takes forever to make ourselves understood.

Well, there was apparently no order so I try again.

This time I was completely lucid and after going all the way to paypal and logging in, it tells me that PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION FAILED.

Well, I had a balance in my paypal account to cover it so no bank transfer should be necessary.

Anyway, I call back and go through all this *hit again only to be told that maybe the bank didn’t authorize payment so I told her about the balance and she kept repeating herself.

I pointed that I had a problem the other day (although I’m not sure what happened) and she kept insisting the same thing. I then suggested that maybe there’s something on their end 'cause I use paypal pretty much exclusively for all my online stuff but she pointed that one person had bought something the other day and that it worked for them.

Wow! One person? That’s very impressive.

If I had a choice of anywhere else to get this stuff I would but as it seems, I may have to go through all this again to see if I can get it.

All in all, I’m not at all impressed by the way things were done and above all, not in the least by having to be switched between people, ESPECIALLY when I tell the first person I would like to speak to the order department and they still insist on taking all my info before passing me on to the next one and THEY again get all my info.