Optimal settings for SSD in WIndows 10 64bit?


What are the best settingsn and practices for installing Windows 10 on an SSD.

I Have AHCI set.  Plan in installing Windows 10 and most apps to a 240G SSD.  Using a HDD for archives, libraries, photos etc.

Only have 8G of Ram.   will allow swap file… or what ever thay are calling it today on the SSD? 

WIll allow WIndows to partion drive and do what it wants on install.

Later, Not sure about what to do in DisK management… to make the partion dynamic… or any other optimal settings.

There are other settings like write cache… etc.   wondering what the optimal settings are.

Indexing… etc.

No where have I been able to find a single place that goes over the settings… and what/where they are.

As of now my drive will not complete the second smart test.  it delivers code 27. 

I may seek out a new drive from BB… since Sandisk will not send me one first, before I send it back.