Open Flash Drive created on Win7 on a Win8 computer

I got a Sandisk 32 GB Cruzer USB Flash Drive to copy photos/videos/other data from a Win7 computer to a Win8 computer.  After entering over 9 GB of data on the drive, the Win8 computer treated it as a blank file and did not show it as a drive that can be safely removed.  Is there a way it can be read on the Win8 computer?  I have no problem removing it from Win7 computer and later reinserting it and continuing to read or write on it.

I suspect the Win 8 machine’s security apps are restricting access to the flash drive.

Make sure that when testing this out, try to disable Windows Bitdefender as well. Sometimes, it’s causing that issue.

Thanks for the replies.  I restarted my Win8 computer because it wouldn’t recognize another flash drive.  Now it recognizes both the Sandisk Cruzer and the other with no problems.  Case solved.