OOPS - Plugging Clip in - while its turned on

Yesterday after listening to my Clip all day, I got home, and plugged my clip into the AC adapter (while it was turned on and playing). I noticed within a few minutes it wasn’t playing. Pressing the select button, the screen lights up and it has two strange character segments for the song name. (I didn’t have any tag issues and have had all the tags working prior.)

I pressed >> to advance to the next song. It turned off. Now I’m thinking WTH? :S So I tried a soft reset. Turned it On again. Its still has the same strange looking song name, says its playing , but no sound. I play with the buttons and it turns off again.

I plugged it into the computer , formatted and reload my music. Everything was back to normal. I also checked over my mp3’s looking for any tag issues and didn’t find any. I only had 125 songs loaded for a test so it didn’t take long.

:neutral_face: I don’t think I will plug it into the AC Adapter again with it turned on. I’m usually careful and normally would turn the device off before plugging in. Now I will be more careful. :S

All’s Good.

That is strange…because I almost daily plug mine in while it’s playing my podcasts…I listen and charge up at the same time, and it has never given me a problem. Is yours a Rev. 2 Clip? Mine is a Rev. 1, 2GB.

It’s a rev 2   8GB Clip.  One i have been abusing for the battery tests.  It’s been well used, and never had a problem with it before.    I was listening up to the momment i plugged it in and it stopped playing, and showed the strange song name  and then locked up.  

No idea.   but the format worked. its been playing good all day today.  (It happened on sunday night)