Only see Record option after it is turned on

After turning on my Sansa clip, it shows Reocrd, I don’t see the menu showing up to allow me to choose either play the music or something else. Any body know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Press the Menu key

Thanks, I saw it now.

The manual also has good information.

It’s actually a nice feature (but not covered in the manual), if you want the Clip to wake up in voice recorder mode, all you have to do is USE it in that mode and then shut it down - and next power up, it’s all ready for instant one-button record. No scooting through menus etc. Way cool.

Same general scheme works for most other functions/modes.

Note that the Clip will not enter timed / self shut off when “paused” (muted) in FM mode. The screen will turn off, but the Clip stays ON…

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