Only 8 of 16G Recognized

When I loaded a recently purchased Samsung microSDHC 16G card in my 8G ClipZip and installed the ClipZip in the most recent version of Rhapsody, Rhapsody recognized the internal 8G as usual, but it only recognized 8G of the 16G external card.  As you know, Rhapsody separates and displays how much internal and external memory is available to play with right on the screen, so the division is easy to see, even though it lumps all the memory together on the device.  Is 8G the limit of any microSDHC card that a ClipZip will recognize, or is the Rhapsody software somehow responsible for the failure to recognize the full 16G of the external card?  I did format the 16G card in the device using Rhapsody and reloaded everything, but still only half of the 16G is recognized.

Oops.  Now that I glance down at the bottom of the Rhapsody screen when the external 16G micro is highlighted, I see “192.0 KB used” (for the formatting), and “15.1GB available.”  So it says 8GB available at the top of the screen and 15.1GB available at the bottom.  Perfectly logical, I guess:confounded: