Only 1.6GB out of 4GB?

I’ve basically devolved to using my ClipZip for jogging and lawn mowing, and just dragging folders of music onto the thing from my iMac.  I’m not going to use a music manager at all, just drag and drop, and not even on Windows any more.

But not too much fits, especially if some folders are FLAC, because the player is full of all kinds of whatever that I don’t care about at all.

Can I wipe the thing and format and just drag and drop folders? Cuz it also kinda niggles me that I have to sort down through to “ALBUMS” and so on. 

Perhaps I should ask more specifically, should I format FAT32, or can I format HFS+? And should I do so in MSC or MTP mode?

Thanks for any help-quite annoying to be “throwing away” 2/3 of the player space as useless…

You simply can reformat from the player itself, under Settings.  Note, of course, that a format will clear the content off your player.

If done via your computer (I connect under MSC mode), use FAT32.

Note that FLAC files take up alot of space.  I’ve been happy with higher bitrate (192 kbps VBR) MP3 files.  

Thanks! I did get more space, let’s see how it works.

FLAC is bigger, but that is how a lot of stuff comes ( etc), and I dislike having to convert