One or more partitions ... unsupported or missing file system

I am trying to clone a new 2T Sandisk Ultra 3D from my 2T HDD C:/ drive on my windows 7 PC.

The cloning software asks me for the Source and I tell it Disk 1, which is the C:\ drive and contains my Win 7 OS

An error message pops up: “one or more partitions on the source drive contain an unsupported or missing file syste, and can be cloned only in the sector by sector mode. Are you sure you want to continue with cloning?”

I answer Yes.

After about a 15 minute wait it comes back and asks me for the destination. I tell it Disk 7, which is the new 2T Sandisk drive.

It immediately comes back with another error message: cannot clone a larger drive into a smaller drive. Huh??? They’re the same size!