One of us is having better sex!!!

I’m not sure if I screwed my e260v.2 or if it has screwed me… I suspect that it had the better time, because I’m not smiling. (smirk)

A few week ago, in a momentary lapse of intelligence, I was attempting to delete files from my player and absently reformatted the device and subsequently deleted even the operating system (I suspect).

I have multiple computers with different operating systems, used different cables, and plugged into different USB ports. All attempts to correct the error have failed. These attempts have included; reformatting, re-set to factory settings, forced MSC mode, Sansa Updater, and searching Device Manager on my computer. The player’s screen appears to be working properly, the device turns on and off without problem, and when connected dispays the connected screen. None of the computers, media players, or device managers recognize that the player has been connected at all.

To make matters worse, I now imagine that I hear heavy breathing coming from the little S*#T!, yet it seems I’m doing all the sweating… I realize that I started this, screwing around, but does anyone have ideas on how to get it off my leg and back onto my computers?

Thanks in advance.

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