One Clip recognized, one not

I have 2 Clips, a 2GB and a 4GB. My laptop recognizes the 4GB but not the 2. My desktop recognizes the 2 but not the 4. Both pcs are running xp pro and WMP11 with all the latest updates. Both Clips have firmware 01.01.30A. I’ve tried all I know from uninstalling WMP on both and reinstalling. Any help would be appreciated as I’m puzzled.

Check on the CLIPs -  Settings >> USB Mode       The options are (AUTO, MSC, MTP)   One of your CLIPs maybe set to MSC.  If one is different, then consider changing them both to AUTO or MTP.     If one is set on MSC,  you may want to change it , and format it, and reload your songs.   When you change it from MSC to MTP, you will not be able to see the songs that were loaded in MSC mode. (that would be the reason you might want to format it and reload the songs.)  

Let me know if this was the issue, or ask for more help.

Good luck :slight_smile: