One Artist, Multiple folders

Hi,  I recently purchased the clip jam.  My old MP3 player I could make one artist and load all the albums under that artist.  W/ this clip jam, when I make my artist folder, it will make multiple folders of that artist w/ their different albums.  How do I make just one folder for that one artist to load all their albums under?  I will post pic.  Thank you! 

Your description is correct.

Using Music Mode and selecting one artist, the player will reveal a list of all the albums with that artist.

    There is no way to sequentially play the tracks wih that artist across all the listed albums. 

       Try using the Shuffle Command to play the tracks across all the listed albums.

You would have to edit the ID3 tags with tag-editing software like MP3Tag and make sure the Artist info is exactly the same on all albums. This way the artist will only be shown once on the player & all albums should come up under that artist.