on/off switch?

This is embarrassing to ask.  Is there an on/off switch so that when it is not plugged in to recharge you are not using power?

Thanks for addressing what is no doubt obvious (to everyone but me!)


yes there is a power switch.

on the left side of the clip slide the slider toward the circle with a line in it and that will power off your clip. do the same thing to turn it on.

Just be sure that you do NOT turn the device off when it is charging.  The Clip will cease charging if powered OFF.  This is because the processor handles battery management, and must be active.

If left plugged in, the device will automatically turn off the display.

Be sure to power the device off after charging is done.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

It’s always the little things in life, isn’t it?

Greatly recommended that you read the Clip General Info. sticky thread above, and skim through the user manual available in that thread (altho a bit out-of-date, the manual still is helpful as to general operation).


Thank you all very much.  (And for not making me feel stupid!:smiley:

I’ll check out the faq.