On/Off Switch?

In several of the current Fuze message directions are given to “turn the player on” or “turn the player off.”  I cannot find a physical on/off switch so what indicates the player is off?  When I see the display I assume that is “on.”

Carol (?),

The switch is on the right side. Hold it in the up position for a second to turn the Fuze on or off. If you put the switch in the down position, it locks the button and wheel.

There is an Owners Manual on this site, I saved it to my 'puter, so I can peruse it when I get confused.

Don’t forget to download the Sansa Converter Program (also on this site)so you can load Videos onto your Fuze.

It took me a while to get the hang of my Sansa, but I am real happy with it now.

FYI, I use DVDVideoSoft (Free) Youtube to ipod converter to put youtube videos in a format (mp4) that the Sansa Converter program will recognize. (If you use this program, don’t forget to rename the files before converting them)

Rick from Grapevine, TX

Thank you.  I did just discover both the switch on the right and the user manual which I have downloaded.  And am on my way to d/l the media convertor.